Young adult patients face many issues that are unique to their age group. Problems related to relationships, dating, social activities, school and jobs are just some of the areas that can be of concern to the young adult motility patient.

Some young adults may feel that they do not “fit in” because they may not be able to wear certain clothes. Some may have surgical scars or have to wear tubes and bags. And others may be unable to do many of the activities that their friends can do. Young adult patients may become extremely self-conscious. Because digestive motility diseases focus on food and bathroom, these individuals may become embarrassed that they must make frequent visits to the bathroom. Because of their inability to eat normally, social issues may come into play. How their peers react and how they respond can have a strong impact on their self-image that may carry into adulthood.

AGMD provides its young adult patients with educational materials, support and resources in order to help this patient population.