We define advocacy as follows: Any individual or group activity performed in support of or on behalf of a particular person, group, cause, or issue.  Patient advocacy is designed specifically to advance the interests of patients in all aspects of their care and in any other area which affects their mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual well-being.

One can advocate on one’s own behalf, on behalf of a friend or loved one, or on behalf of a group or community.  Advocacy can be as simple as sharing your story with a friend or discussing your treatment goals with your physician, or it can be as complex as sponsoring a fundraising event for an organization or leading a petition drive for legislation beneficial to your cause.

For our purposes, we have divided our advocacy sections into “personal advocacy,” which addresses issues at the individual level, and “community advocacy,” which addresses efforts and opportunities to advocate publicly on behalf of one’s self and/or the larger disease community.

We invite you to browse our learning units for additional tips and information related to a variety of personal and community advocacy topics.  Please see our “Get Involved” tab for a list of specific and timely opportunities and events.  We welcome your involvement and appreciate your efforts!

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Meet Melissa Adams VanHouten, AGMD Public Policy and Outreach Director.


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