There are few people who would eagerly sign up for the jobs most caregivers encounter daily … exhausting, heart-wrenching, confusing and expensive tasks that can befuddle and discourage even the most optimistic of folks. Yet, with each diagnosis, spouses, parents, children and friends are thrust into a role for which no one asked – and from which, there is little, if any, relief.

Providing real connections, information, motivation, and support, the Association of Gastrointestinal Motility Disorders, Inc. (AGMD), looks with gratitude and admiration on those people who make survivors’ journeys a bit easier, and sometimes, simply livable.

We know that platitudes won’t cut it. Just saying, “How do you do it?” and moving on to the next topic won’t either. So we seek in every way we can, to direct and lift you up in your walk alongside your loved one.

Just reach out and ask us how we can help.