Adult patients with a digestive motility disease/disorder are faced with many physical and emotional challenges. Symptoms of the illness can vary in intensity and be unpredictable in nature. The impact of not being able to eat and needing to be near a bathroom can have a profound effect on the patient’s life.

Many adult patients do not look ill, and therefore, some people may not believe that they are in fact suffering from a motility disease/disorder. As a result of the symptoms and the social impact, the patient may feel isolated and very much alone.

There are many other problems and concerns that the adult patient must deal with on a daily basis. Such problems may include, pain, lack of energy and fatigue, finding a physician and adequate treatment, finances and employment, relationships, self-image and a having a sense of purpose in his/her life.

AGMD was started by an adult patient, and therefore, there is a deep understanding of the many physical and emotional struggles that many endure. AGMD is also aware that there are many important considerations unique to the different genders. As a result, we provide pertinent educational materials and special resources that cater to each person’s gender-specific needs.