AGMD has two different types of membership, GENERAL and PROFESSIONAL.

About General Membership

GENERAL MEMBERSHIP is for patients, their family members and anyone interested in digestive motility disease and disorders.  You can join AGMD for a suggested annual donation of $35.00 to help defray costs, however, we do offer a free exempt program for those unable to pay.

What Are General Membership Benfits?

  • AGMD Lighthouse monthly newsletter
  • New AGMD Beacon quarterly publication
  • Opportunity to participate in our new AGMD Connection program
  • Discounts on program fees and educational materials
  • Exclusive access to pre-recorded audio/video programs

Free General Membership Program

AGMD understands that medical costs and other financial burdens can impact the ability to donate. Those people unable to afford



FREE GENERAL MEMBERSHIP: AGMD understands that medical costs and other financial burdens can impact their ability to pay. Those people unable to afford their annual dues may enroll as a member via our exempt program. When enrolling, place a check in the FREE membership box on the application and indicate $00.00 in the total amount box. (Most documents will be sent electronically. If, the member requires materials to be sent via the US Postal Service, some restrictions may apply. This enables AGMD to keep costs down.


We encourage all GENERAL MEMBERS to become involved. There are many opportunities and it’s a great way to share your voice and make a difference.

Professional Membership

PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP is for those in the medical, scientific, pharmaceutical and dietary communities. Annual membership is $45.00 (U.S. rate) and $52.00 (International rate).

PROFESSIONAL MEMBERS can be listed on our website, be included in our AGMD Referral Database, receive educational materials for patients, and receive discounts on AGMD symposia and related educational materials. They are also welcome to submit articles, contribute webinars, and work with AGMD on in-person educational programs.

We invite PROFESSIONAL MEMBERS to share ideas and work with us in various educational endeavors.